We are in the middle of our first road trip to seven cities in FL, GA, and AL.  At first, we were wondering if we had made a big mistake being away from GDL for so long.  However, as we visit with dear friends who have supported us so faithfully, we are beginning to understand the importance of being here this year.


There are people who pray every day for the work there.  There is a 96 year old widow (the granddaughter of a Confederate veteran!) who has given $30 per month during our whole time in Mexico.  We do not feel worthy but very grateful and encouraged by such love and faithfulness.  Thank you for sending us to the US this year to bless and, even more, to be blessed by these wonderful people.  We want to be worthy representatives here of Christ the Redeemer Church!

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    Joe and Paula Simon (Thursday, 21 February 2013 11:33)

    Hi Pastor Larry,

    We are encouraged by hearing of your progress through this blog and we are praying for you and Sandy as you travel throughout the US. Although we miss you both dearly, we understand and believe with you that this is God's place for you this year. Have fun, enjoy each other and the many adventures God has for you as you follow His direction in this new year.

    And stories, we want stories ; ) of God's blessings in your walk this time away from Guadalajara. It is one of my favorite things to listen to accounts of what God is doing in the lives circumstances of brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Rich Blessings,
    Joe and Paula

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    Traveling Murah (Wednesday, 22 April 2015 21:48)

    Hello Guys..
    god bless us..
    and enjoy the world in traveling with god..

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