On the bench, traveling, graduations

I was accustomed to preaching three times most Sundays.  Since we left Mexico, I have preached only twice, once in Mexico and once at the invitation of Natalia to a chapel service at her university.  I am finally to preach in a church next Sunday and hope I am not too rusty.  However, I have been listening to many sermons from Guadalajara and Maryland, trying to give feedback and encouragement.  I'm discovering that it's harder to be a coach than a player.


We have been traveling for much of the last three weeks, some for vacation and some for work.  We got to be present at Natalia's university graduation and are headed up to Ian's medical school graduation in a couple of days.  What a blessing to be in the US for such special family events!


Most Sundays I use the church directory to pray for you all.  Thanks for your prayers, communications, and encouragement.  We hope to see you very soon!

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