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Translating at the General Assembly
Translating at the General Assembly

June was full of back to back trips, the best of which was to Guadalajara!  I first gave some lectures in Ciudad Juárez on "Characteristics of a Growing Church," passing on some good lessons I've learned from our church in Guadalajara.  Our time with you all went by so fast, every day full of sorrows and joys, sorrows for the difficulties that some of you are facing, and joys over getting to see you and observe the progress of the church!  There is nothing like preaching in one's own church!


Next I went to the General Assembly meeting of the Presbyterian Church in America, accompanied by two delegates from the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico.  My countrymen welcomed my Mexican friends warmly, and the two churches approved fraternal relations between them, a big step after 40 years of sometimes tense, sometimes friendly cooperation.


Now we are in the hills of North Carolina with Sandy's sister and family, where life is very calm, too calm sometimes.  I have been able to advance on my book project, hoping to submit it to a publisher by the end of July, hoping that they will accept it for publication.



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